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Paul Ryan
  House Speaker Paul Ryan Briefs Reporters on Capitol Hill  CSPAN  February 2, 2017 1:00pm-1:06pm EST

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follow her on twitter. thanks for the update. guest: thank you. >> by the way, debate on that overturning that regulation should come up later this afternoon. the house is in recess briefly. we expect them back in shortly. we will have live coverage. when we do we expect them to vote on the rule for a couple of other measures. a regulation that requires contractors, government contractors to notify about state or federal labor law violations, and another that would repeal a regulation on oil and gas drillers controlling methane releases from their drilling. that rule vote coming up shortly. we'll have live coverage of the house when they gavel back in. we heard earlier today from house speaker paul d. ryan about the progress of the republican genda.
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speaker ryan: we continue to make progress on our agenda for the american people. by the end of this week the house will have taken action to block five costly obama administration regulations. including a rule that threatens to wipe out thousands of jobs in coal country. with the vote of the senate and signature by the president, we will be able to bring immediate relief to those workers. this is just the start. in the weeks ahead, we will act on more resolutions to deliver relief from excessive regulations. when you think about the fact that the obama administration was issuing major regulations at a rate of one every three days this is real sea change. this is job creation. we also continue to act in a step by step approach to repeal and replace obamacare. yesterday the energy and commerce committee held a legislative hearing on three bills to improve medicaid. today the committee is holding a legislative hearing on another four bills to provide relief from collapsing markets.
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in 2009, president obama said, and i quote, my guiding principle is that consumers do better when there is choice in competition, close quote. i couldn't agree more. that is the way obamacare was sold, but that is not how it has turned out. in fact, choice and competition have dropped so much in our health insurance markets that 1/3 of all the counties in america today have only one insurer to choose from. five states, one insurer to choose from. that is not a choice. that is a mon interoperable plifment on top of that, another 37% of all counties in america have only two insurers to choose from. 70% of all the counties in america have a monopoly or duopoly. president obama was right. consumers do better when they have choice and competition. right now they have neither. instead, they are paying a whole lot more for less every single
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day under this law. that is why we have to step in. this law is collapsing. we have to rescue people from the failure of this law. and that is why step by step we're going to keep our promise to repeal and replace this law. so that consumers can do better and so that they can have more choices. questions? reporter: two religion questions. speaker rye: you going to wait until sunday? reporter: the president said he wants to rid of the johnson -- speaker ryan: i always supported that. reporter: would you support religious freedom executive order if it allowed discrimination -- speaker ryan: i'm not familiar with what you're talking about. i'm going to pass on that. we don't want the little sisters for the poor to be forced to buy coverage that violates their conscience if you're talking about that. i'm in full support.
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reporter: two questions also if i may. first there's been reports of a very difficult call between the president and the prime minister of australia. now john mccain has called the australian ambassador. do you think that what mccain did was the right move? what do you say to president trump about -- speaker ryan: don't know about the verasity of the reports or content of the call. i didn't hear about john mccain until what you just said. i my the prime minister, he was in my office a couple months ago, very important ally. australia is a very central ally. they are and they'll continue to be. i think it's important that presidents and prime ministers, heads of state, are able to have candid and private conversations with one another. reporter: my second question. the president also referenced -- speaker ryan: did he do the accent? say that again? reporter: perhaps they should switch jobs. the apren terrorist --
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speaker ryan: i'm not going to comment on this stuff. talk aboutpolicy. reporter: you also mentioned about choice in health care. is will there a particular model you have in mind? most employer-based health programs have one, maybe two choices for insurance. what is the model for that -- speaker ryan: you can go to and look at. you twoont have a vibrant individual market, vibrant employer market. we want medicaid to work. we want medicaid to work so the states can innovate and so that -- >> watch this online at back live now to the house floor for a couple of votes. previous. votes will be taken in the the first der rm electronic vote will be conducted as a 15-minute vote. the remaining electronic votes will be conducted as a five-minute vote. the unfinished business is the vote on